Social Media

Social Media is full of buzzwords and hype.  Dibana's goal is to help you navigate this and ensure your organization has an effective presence and voice online.  


1351721027 target-dart Looking to get more results from your online efforts?  Our team can develop a strategy and social media plan that is unique to your needs and tailored to your audience.

Set Up

1351721533 advancedsettings Ready to make the jump into social media?  Let us help you identify the platforms that will most effectively reach your audience and help you set up and optimize everything.


1351721502 package edutainment Not in your budget to hire a social media manager?  Many small businesses face this challenge, which is why Dibana is available to train and educate you or your employees.  It takes more than owning a personal Facebook account or being under 30 to successfully represent your organization online.  Let us help you get started.


1351721128 people Social media can be time intensive, and we offer long term management services to offset this.  We can work with you to communicate your message and values to your clientele.

Special Promotions

1351721577 cal Want to run a contest?  A special holiday deal?  These limited promotions can drastically boost the amount of time devoted to social media.  Dibana can help you plan and carry out your promotion.

Event Promotion

1351721601 agt announcements Events benefit greatly from social media and online sharing.  The time involved can make this difficult to pursue alongside your normal tasks.  Our experienced team can make your event a success online.